About Me

Justin is a hobbyist photographer who has experimented with the art since 2005. When not vainly writing about himself in third-person, Justin likes to make photographs, read some fancy literature, or peruse the web for interesting stuff – always with a cup of tea at hand.

His photographic strengths lay in simplicity and elegance, not in fancy work. He likes photographs to be lightweight, subjectfocused, and personal – what photography is supposed to be all about.

Some call JustinFoodie.  A Foodie, according to Wikipedia, is an informal term for a particular class of aficionado of food and drink.

Justin isn’t sure he would describe himself as a member of a certain “class” designation, especially as the definition suggests a more snobby class than he exist in.  He thinks the advent of the Food Network has allowed more people to become interested in the art of food and drink while being able to participate from the comfort of their couch and not have to empty their wallet in haute cuisine establishments.

Lastly, Justin is a dabbler. He dabbles in software development, information discovery, and physical security. He also has strong opinions on his preferred tools.