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I keep a close copyright on all of my images, but I want you to feel free to use them in non-commercial, personal applications. If Aunty Rene needs a photo to use on a post card, or Scotty needs a picture to use on his personal blog, I don’t have a problem with it. Just provide credit and a link back to Before using an image, however, make sure you know who the copyright holder is and what permissions they give, as not all of the images featured on are made and owned by me.  If you are interested in licensing one of my images for commercial use, just drop me a line.


All images presented on are copyrighted by their respective owners. is Copyright 2010 Justin M. Sloan. It is illegal to use any of the material herein without the express written permission of the Copyright holders, unless said use falls under the Fair Use exemption to the U.S. Copyright Act.


This is a statement describing how I go about running this site. It details the policies I use when reviewing or discussing products, outlines my editorial policies and is my attempt at disclosure of anything that my audience might want to know about my business relationships.

I am not a journalist or a reporter. I am a pundit and a subjective opinion columnist, a reviewer of photography products and a commentator on photography-related issues. I try to uphold journalistic standards when I report something on the site as “news” but ultimately, I am a pundit and my bias, opinions, and experience guide what I publish.

When I do present what I consider to be factual information, I do the best I can to make sure the facts I provide are accurate and fairly presented. When I present analyses, I try to represent my best independent judgments rather than my preferences, or those of my sources and information providers. currently does not accept advertising, nor do I sell editorial space. I do not accept money to run reviews. I do not own stock in any company I cover on The advertising on the site is purely that of sponsors in exchange for free hosting.

I may occasionally run Amazon affiliate links inside the website. If you click on those links and order a product, I receive minimal compensation, usually around four and one half (4.5) percent of your total purchase. This compensation in no way impacts the price you pay at Amazon. If you don’t use my link, you will pay the same price you pay using my link. The only difference is that I won’t receive the small commission. I only list Amazon links that I believe lead to fair prices and products.

I am providing this information so that the audience can have all the facts available to them when judging the work I do surrounding